The Skin Cancer Business Management Online Workshop is designed to assist medical practitioners, medical business owners and practice managers with the set-up and management of a successful skin cancer clinic or the integration of skin cancer services into general practice. The skills and knowledge acquired will help you maximise your efficiency in managing skin cancer in primary care. You will also gain valuable insights into how you can develop your business and grow your practice.   

The online course consists of 15 modules which are delivered online and can be viewed and replayed at any time. Topics covered include set-up and layout a skin cancer clinic, tools, equipment and systems required, daily workflow management, appointment book structure, training of support staff, Medicare billing and other medico-legal regulations.


Designed to assist medical practitioners, medical business owners and practice managers, the program teaches the fundamentals of setting up and running an efficient skin cancer service in the primary care environment.

As a result of this online training, you will be able to:

  • Set up and lay out a skin cancer clinic according to ergonomic principles.
  • Select all tools and equipment required.
  • Implement all systems required, including financial and IT services.
  • Plan and execute the daily workflow including a specific appointment book structure.
  • Conduct efficient full-body skin examinations, note taking and image capture.
  • Train and use support staff to maximise efficiency.
  • Understand Medicare billing and other medico-legal regulations.
  • Market the clinic and skin cancer service efficiently.
  • Exceed patient expectations from the reception counter to the treatment room.

Course Outline

1. Introduction

2. Setting up your Skin Cancer Clinic

3. Clinic Layout

4. Tools and equipment

5. Systems to have in place

6. Workflow in detail

7. How to maximise your support staff

8. Skin Cancer Medicine

9. Skin Cancer and Medicare

10. A skilled workforce to optimise your practice

11. Efficient and effective financial systems

12. IT in Skin Cancer

13. Advertising and Marketing

14. Human Resources

15. Summary

Meet Your Instructors

Your instructors  are widely regarded as some of the world's foremost specialist in skin cancer medicine and business management, including:
Paul Elmslie

Mr Paul Elmslie 


Founder and CEO of HealthCert International

Dr Tony Dicker

Dr Tony Dicker


Senior lecturer (Skin Cancer), UQ School of Medicine

Course Co-ordinator Master of Medicine (Skin Cancer)



Online Delivery - Video Lectures & Workbooks



Regular Fee


Full payment on the day of registration



What you get for your one-off investment:

  1. 15 online modules which total 6½ hours that can be viewed and replayed at anytime.
  2. Reference materials including a full-colour copy of all PowerPoint slides presented.
  3. Information sheets and patient templates: 
1. Billing Guidelines 11. Skin Excisions & Flaps
2. Item Number Report 12. Skin Grafts
3. Patient Consent Form 13. Wound Scar Management
4. Patient Registration Form 14. Opsite
5. Surgery Treatment Plan Form 15. Opsite with Fixomul
6. CryoRx 16. Opsite with Skin Tape
7. What is a Biopsy 17. Primapore
8. Biopsy & Aftercare 18. Primapore with Fixomul
9. Preparation for Surgery 19. Primapore with Skin Tape
10. Shave Curette Cautery  


Upon successful completion of the course requirements, course participants will receive the Skin Cancer Business Management. This course in available online throughout the year.

RACGP: 14 Category 2 QI&CPD points
ACRRM: 7 Distance Education points